Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Great White North

Well, here we are, back from the bone cold in Canada.
And here I am, 9:03am, Friday the 25th of March, back in the humidity of Singapore, in my room, with a cup of coffee trying to find the words to tell you guys about our trip to the great white north.

I'll begin saying that Canada holds a very special place in each one of our hearts now. We've all been to numerous places over the world, whether it was with the band or not. And we all believe that Canada is the best, if not one of the best places we all have seen. Not that we have anything against other places. People are just nice. Not generally nice. They are just. Nice. Without trying or forcing themselves to be so. You see such a diverse community in Canada. You see people from Hong Kong, Vietnam, even Singapore and everyone doesn't one up the other.
When we played our set we, we had prayed for the people in the Japan disaster. The crowd was so responsive and they received us better than we expected, it was actually quite nerve wrecking for us as we were like this only Asian band in the line-up for that night and we caught some of the other bands who played before us. And they were bloody good. All was well in the end. We enjoyed the set and we were even visited by some of our friends from Singapore! One of our good brothers, Mr. Ashley Sentdoux family came to the show and paid us a visit! And said the be one of the handsomest fellas alive, Chris Chai. That dude took a super long bus ride from New York to pay us a visit and caught our set?! Anyways, bands in Canada are very, very independent. From, carrying their own gear to driving around in a tiny van for tours. It kinda opened our eyes a lot to the music culture away from home. The music culture is so close knit, genre's don't matter and what you wear doesn't either. Kinda gave us this spark of what seemed to be this diminishing flame in all of our hearts. It also kind of made us sad looking at what the music community is like in Toronto and of what's happening in our community back home. More importantly, it gave us something to look forward to in life.
Over the next few days, we walked the streets of Toronto, meeting new people and places. I say meeting places because it really was like meeting a person, alive and breathing. We went up the CN tower, freaked the living daylights outta me. Drove to Niagra falls. That was some sight I tell you. You can feel the earth shake under your feet from the power of that water fall. Maybe i'm exaggerating, but can you really blame me? It's not like we get to see something like that everyday.

This event has made us more aware of the music scene in another country. Being able to break out into the north American market is a huge step for a South East Asian band. To be able to connect with Canadians has got us contacts in Music Stores, Schools, Event Organizers, Bands and most especially making new friends. The knowledge and the experience gained was priceless and since coming back to home, we’ve shared the  knowledge to other local musicians.

All in all, Canada was amazing. It moved each of us deeply. And we would like to thank everybody who helped us out for this trip once again. It was amazing and we really couldn't do it without any of you guys.
here's a video of me playing some Dustin Kensrue stuff -

and here's a video of us having plain fun -

and a homecoming show at homeclub -

With all of that said, we'll be playing a show this Sunday at the Hard Rock Cafe Singapore with some of our fellow local talents in aid of the disaster that has happened in Japan. Our buddies from Amterrible & The Dirt Radicals will be there with us so come hang and show your love WITH US for the people in Japan. Here's a poster for details.

Kc Meals.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

farm + winery + nature + stuff that you can't really experience back home

twitpic by kitty-wu!

The Hideout: venue we played at.

Its our off day and we decided to visit a winery on the way to niagra falls. It was a brilliant day spent with the KittyWus' and Dr. Soos. We kinda climbed the foot of a mountain nearby the winery and it was surreal. Canada kinda rocks.

Show Day

Its taking us a while to upload bigger videos, so here's a quick one at The Hideout, Toronto

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lunch with the KittyWus' and Amberhaze (G!)

Mad tired from after the show last night. Had a long sleep till lunch which we were joined by Errol, Lesley (Kitty Wu) and Giuliano (Amberhaze) and his super adorable kids!

this is bbq joe!

At the land of maple leaves

Sorry for the lack of update! Been a mad crazy couple of days! We just played the show last night at The Hideout and it was great! Great club and great crowd. Here are some pictures of what has been going on the past few days in Toronto!

Lunch at great burger kitchen. 

The Hideout, the venue we played at last night. 

A little note from the travellerchai. 
Bro we fucking love you for taking a 12 hour bus ride 
down to catch our shitty set. 

More updates soon!